Hello self. The self that’s been sitting on the shelf. All by itself. Like a music box with the ballerina surrounded by the mirrors. The ballerina is not pretending to be a ballerina. She is a ballerina.


Children running barefoot

She is watching the forest

observing the moss grow

   and the ants move

Oh the ants move so fast

and the moss is so slow

Like a wise woman

The moss is patient,

waiting until a squirrel tail or

            a barefoot child running or

            a bird bouncing

touches it

Like a wise woman

The moss is giving

as it absorbs water from the air

and keeps the forest humid

Like a wise woman

The moss is the same from one generation

            to the next


It looks the same to the girl

the next day she visits the pond

with the rock

with moss on it

as she observes the moss grow

But the moss remembers other little children

and the squirrel tail that touched it

            decades ago

The moss is a new moss for having

            seen the girl with her new


And the moss is the same

            like a wise woman